Meet us

Little Baskets is a Black and Latino owned business located in Reading, PA. At the core of who we are is abundance and family. We come from a family that likes to overfeed. In a similar sense, our premium baskets overflow with quality products that make for perfect gifts, for anyone and for any occasion!

We started Little Baskets because searching for the perfect gift was always so time consuming and expensive. We’d never know what to gift someone so we’d end up buying multiple things. Little Baskets handcrafts each basket with a bundle of quality products that gives you your time back so you can spend it with your family and friends. Plus, we love to include products from other small businesses so that if you like an item inside the basket, you can buy from them directly. The only way we know to make each of our baskets is with love and to overflow with gifts similar to how our family taught us.

Little Baskets is here to make gifting easy, affordable and luxurious while supporting other small businesses so that you can spend more time making memories with family and friends.